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Washed and Waiting

Reflections on Christian Faithfulness & Homosexuality

In Washed and Waiting, Wesley Hill writes for gay Christians and those who love them. Part-memoir, part theological reflection, he shares the struggles that gay Christians face as they seek to live faithful to God’s “no” to homosexuality. The updated edition includes a new afterword by Hill that continues his story since the book first released.


Spiritual Friendship

Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian

Writing with deep empathy and with fidelity to historic Christian teaching, Wesley Hill retrieves a rich understanding of friendship as a spiritual vocation and explains how the church can foster friendship as a basic component of Christian discipleship. He helps us reimagine friendship as a robust form of love that is worthy of honor and attention in communities of faith. This book sets forth a positive calling for celibate gay Christians and suggests practical ways for all Christians to cultivate stronger friendships.


Single Gay Christian

A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity

In an age where neither society nor the church knows what to do with gay Christians, Greg Coles tells his own story.


Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones

For Every Pastor and Parent and All Who Care

Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones provides practical insights on how to honor God and radically love LGBT+ people in your life. Lead Them Home’s 150-page, interactive guide is a comprehensive resource that rapidly equips pastors, parents, and all who care.


All But Invisible

Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of Faith, Gender, & Sexuality.

For many years the intersection of gay identity and Christian identity in the United States was a virtual no-man’s land. In All But Invisible, author Nate Collins explores the cultural background of this claim and outlines a vision for Christian community in which straight and nonstraight people might be reconciled so they can flourish together in full awareness of their shared humanity.


Gay and Catholic

Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith

In a move that surprised even herself, Eve Tushnet converted to Catholicism as a Yale undergrad. Already self-identifying as a lesbian, Tushnet searched for a third way in the seeming two-option system available to gay Catholics: reject Church teaching on homosexuality or reject the truth of your sexuality. This book is the fruit of Tushnet’s searching: what she learned in studying Christian history and theology and her articulation of how gay Catholics can pour their love and need for connection into friendships, community, service, and artistic creation.


The Inner Voice of Love

A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom

This is Henri Nouwen’s "secret journal." It was written during the most difficult period of his life, when he suddenly lost his self-esteem, his energy to live and work, his sense of being loved, even his hope in God. Although he experienced excruciating anguish and despair, he was still able to keep a journal in which he wrote a spiritual imperative to himself each day that emerged from his conversations with friends and supporters.


People To Be Loved

Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue

Homosexuality is one of the most divisive topics among evangelical Christians today. In People to Be Loved, Preston Sprinkle challenges those on both sides of the debate to consider what the Bible says and how we should approach the topic of homosexuality in light of it.


Understanding Sexual Identity

A Resource for Youth Ministry

Understanding Sexual Identity by Mark Yarhouse is a practical, compassionate explanation of how teens form their sexual identity in today’s culture. Pastors and youth ministry volunteers will understand how to help individuals navigate today’s culture and form a sexual identity that honors Jesus Christ.


Understanding Gender Dysphoria

Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture

Mark Yarhouse, an expert in sexual identity and therapy, challenges the church to rise above the political hostilities and listen to people's stories. In Understanding Gender Dysphoria, Yarhouse offers a Christian perspective on transgender issues that eschews simplistic answers and appreciates the psychological and theological complexity. The result is a book that engages the latest research while remaining pastorally sensitive to the experiences of each person.