Contact Us:

If you're interested in being a part of Sexual Minority Fellowship--or if you'd like to learn more--the first step is to contact SMF Coordinator, Stephen Moss. You can do that confidentially here. He'd be happy to answer any initial questions you have. 

Schedule a meeting:

The next step is scheduling a meeting with Stephen. He'd be happy to buy you a meal or a cup of coffee somewhere, or if you'd prefer, the meeting can take place at the private FirstLight office (near Forest Park). Stephen would love to get to know you, hear your story, share some of his own story, and help you decide if the SMF community would be a good fit. If you would prefer to meet with another team member, Stephen would be happy to set that up for you too. 

Visit a small group or fellowship event:

The final step is visiting our small group or one of our fellowship events on a Tuesday night--whichever option feels like the best fit for you. Our fellowship events usually have more people in attendance, and they are less structured times to eat, meet some new friends, and enjoy one another's company. They usually take place in a local home. Our small group is a more intimate, structured setting. Whenever we have a first-time visitor at small group, we always take time to go around and let each member share a brief version of their own story. You will be more than welcome to share some of your own story, but you are also free to just listen--no pressure! Small group takes place at a local church. Some of our members attend both small group and fellowship events. Some attend just one or the other. It's up to you! Both are great options to meet some of our members and get a better sense of whether or not SMF is the kind of community you're looking for. 

After you visit SMF small group or a fellowship event for the first time, one of our team members will follow up with you afterwards to see if you have any questions and if you'd like to continue on with us! At this point, you will also have the opportunity to join our private Facebook group if you would like to do so.