Welcome to St. Louis Sexual Minority Fellowship! 


We are a gathering of sexual minorities in the St. Louis area--men and women, young and old, from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, and Christian traditions. We gather to encourage and support one another as we seek what it means to live faithfully and flourish as sexual minorities within the traditional Christian sex ethic. We gather to build friendships, to laugh and cry with one another, to eat together, to pray together. We're here for the "convinced" and the "un-convinced," the lost, the found, the burned, bored, cynical, and spiritual. We love the Church, and we believe it is in the Church where we find our true Family. However, we mourn the many ways that Christians have abused and ostracized LGBT+ persons over the decades. We long for--and by God's grace, we work towards--the day when our local churches here in St. Louis will be places where sexual minorities (and indeed, all people) can find belonging, belief, repentance, growth, and flourishing in the Body of Christ. 

You are welcome!